The skills are determined by the player's SPECIAL stats and are a culmination of all the player's knowledge and application of specific talents. Each skill can combine multiple types of checks. For example, the skill Speechcraft incorporates most of your talking skills, including any diplomacy, intimidation, barter, lying directly to someone's face, and anything else that requires talking to people to get what you want.

The Skills list is broken into two sections: Combat Skills and General Skills. Combat Skills include all weapons skills and hand-to-hand combat abilities. General Skills include all Knowledges, physical abilities unrelated to raw strength checks or combat abilities, talents, background related abilities, etc.

Combat Skills cost as many points as the players have ranks in the skill. Ex.: A player has 1 rank in Melee Weapons. The next rank will also cost 1 point. If the player has 5 ranks in Melee, the next rank will cost 5 skill points.

General Skills cost 1 point per rank directly. 


Combat Skills

For 1st level in initial Character Creation, their character starts with a flat 8 skill points. For more starting Combat Skill points, the player can select the _______  Perk. After spending these initial points, as well as reaching level 2 and beyond, all acquired Skill Points can be spent between Talent Skills and Combat Skills alike.


Combat Skills & Skill Talents

All Combat Skills contain a selection of "Skill Talents" within them (click the names of the skill up above to see these). Skill Talents for Combat Skills grant new moves, maneuvers, defensive actions, and other abilities and bonuses that are chosen from a list.


When your character is being created, only the "default" list of Skill Talents for each skill are available, and each one has a Character Point ("CP") cost, as well as SPECIAL score/Skill Rank/Character Level/Perk/previous Skill Talents as requirements.

Discipline Perks will add a large variety of new options and actions that can be purchased as Skill Talents once the Perk is taken. You then acquire them as you would any of the default lists for your skills.

Any time you can spend Character Points and can meet a listed, available Skill Talent's requirements, it can be purchased.


General & "Tag Skills"

For 1st level, during initial Character Creation, a character's initial skill point total is double the their Intelligence score. For example, a player has a 6 Intelligence SPECIAL, ergo they would start with 12 skill points to allot to their General Skills.

Unlike Combat Skills above, each Skill Point spent on increasing a skill's Rank increases it by 1. Basically, every point spent is a Rank earned in the skill.

Note: General Skills <u>cannot</u> be raised past: (Your Character Level) + 2.


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