Health, Healing, and Rest

Determining Hit Points

Depending on your chosen Race, you'll begin with varying amounts of starting Hit Points:

  • Humans and Synths begin with: 15 + Strength score + (Endurance score x 2) = Total
  • Ghouls begin with: 5 + Strength score + (Endurance score x 2) = Total
  • Super Mutants start with: 25 + Strength score + (Endurance score x 2) = Total

Each time your level increases, add your base Endurance score to your new Maximum Hit Point total.


Resting & Recovery

Going longer than 24 hours without at least 6 hours of restful sleep lowers all SPECIAL scores (except Luck) by -2 for each day that passes after the first. After 4 days without sleep, you're likely to fall unconscious!

However, every 8 hours of sleep restores half of your current Endurance score worth of Hit Points due to proper resting.

Health, Healing, and Rest

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