Character Creation

You're S.P.E.C.I.A.L.!

First  we'll go through the SPECIAL stats, as they determine pretty much all of your rolls you'll be making, as well as setting up a great deal of your bonuses and Derived Stats.


S – Strength

Strength is a measurement of your raw, physical ability and a telling sign of fortuitousness health! Never neglect your Strength when setting out into the wasteland!

  • Half (1/2) of your Strength is added to Melee Attack Damage and Melee Attack rolls. (As always, round down).
  • You can carry 25 pounds, plus an additional 25 for each point of Strength you have (including having only 1 Strength, so a minimum of 50 lbs.)
  • You can push or pull <u>about</u> 50 pounds for each point of Strength you have.


P – Perception

Your Perception represents your ability to utilize your senses effectively to see or hear things you might not otherwise. Perception can make you an excellent spotter, an accurate Sniper, or just better than your friends at "I Spy".

  • When using a scope on a ranged weapon, such as a firearm, you trade your Agility bonus for your Perception instead.
  • Perception is rolled as-is when looking for hidden enemies, traps, or other undetected things, so don't neglect it!

E – Endurance


C – Charisma


I – Intelligence


A – Agility


L – Luck




Step #1 – Assigning your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Points

Now it's time to set your attributes as you wish. You get 28 points to spend on any of your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. scores, all of which start at 1 and are raised one point at a time on a point-for-point basis. Before you do that, though, there are a few things to go over:

  1. <u>No Attribute can be raised higher than a race allows during initial character creation.</u> For Humans, this maximum is 10 for all attributes. Keep in mind that this only applies during <u>this</u> step.
  2. Attributes <u>CANNOT</u> be raised after this point through standard methods. However, some Perks or opportunities created by the Overseer can raise them later or during game play.
  3. No S.P.E.C.I.A.L. score can <u>ever</u> drop below or be reduced past 1.

For Overseers: The default rules suggest giving the player a starting values of 28 points to distribute between their SPECIAL stats.  However, The Overseer can give as many as they choose. A suggested "heroic" character would be given 34, in order to make the players feel more like the heroes in their own story, but it is not required.   

When you're done here, you can move onto selecting your character's race.

Step #2 – Choose from our "Vault-Tec Friendly™" Races



Step #3 – Backgrounds at Vault-Tec



Step #4 – Skills Needed for Leaving the Vault

  1. All human characters begin with 8 points to spend on Combat skills alone, noting that in order to raise a Combat skill past 1, you'll need to spend the current total of ranks you have already invested to raise it another point. (For example, raising a skill from 0 to 1 costs 1 point. Raising it again costs 1 point as it is the current total. Raising it from 2 to 3 will cost you <u>2 points</u>, as it is the current total.)
  2. During creation, you begin with (2 x your Intelligence) number of skill points to spend on any skills.
  3. After leveling up, you gain (your current, <u>base</u> Intelligence score) worth of skill points to spend.
  4. No skill can be raised past (your current level + 2).


Step #5 – Traits: What makes you, you!

  1. You can choose up to 5 Traits, 5 Drawbacks, and 5 Habits. 
  2. Any of these can be gained during game-play (for better or worse!) at your Overseer's discretion.
  3. Your Overseer may also choose to get rid of one of these from your character. When they feel it is appropriate, of course.

Step #6 – Occupations and Futures with Vault-Tec


Step #7 – Perks and YOU!



Character Creation

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