Traits, Quirks, & Habits

Traits provide a small benefit at the cost of a single Character Point. Many Traits can significantly change or guide a character towards a particular playstyle or require certain actions to be performed when able (as do Quirks and Habits).

Quirks impose a small detriment to certain actions or rolls, but grant a single Character Point to be spent somewhere else. Quirks, like Habits and Traits, should be chosen with great care, as an Overseer can (and should!) retract a Quirk and dock a current or future Character Point if you do not make an attempt to portray your character's flaws in some way. That being said, Quirks can add great enjoyment and an entertaining challenge, as well as give you more precious Character Points for purchasing Perks and other helpful benefits.

Habits are generally neutral, or provide both a benefit and a drawback to varying measure. The name does not fully describe all the options it contains, however, as some "habits" are learned behaviors or un-changeable characteristics.



Ambidextrous No penalties from using a weapon in both hands! Also applies any time you would have to use your "off-hand" to do something. -1 CP
Common Sense Before or during your decision to do something, the Overseer can roll a die in secret. Success means he will prompt you to think about your decision again in order to avoid a very risky outcome. -1 CP
Luck of the Draw Once per day while gambling, roll an additional positive die and add it to the total. -1 CP
Hunter (Campaign)  When gathering from animals, act as if your Knowledge: Wasteland is 2 points higher. -1 CP
Natural Compass You always know which was is TRUE North! In addition, you gain a +2 bonus on Navigation checks. -1 CP
Nerd Rage! You've sick of being pushed around! Anytime you take the equivalent of your Endurance score in damage or more (so if your END is 5 and you take 6 damage, for example), for the rest of combat, use your entire Strength score for bonuses to melee attack rolls to hit and for damage. -1 CP
Smooth-Talker You just seem to have a way with words. +2 to Speechcraft when attempting to persuade someone. -1 CP




Raider Hater When dealing with raider types, you find it too difficult to deal with them or their friends politely. Your reactions are always poor or hostile to raiders. +1 CP
"Well, Actually…" Anytime someone is speaking incorrectly states or willingly makes an incorrect statement (to your character's knowledge), you MUST correct them, regardless of circumstances (such as delicate social interactions, like hostage negotiation or upscale parties.) +1 CP




Bloodthirsty  Initiative increased by 1 If damage is taken during combat, a Willpower check must be rolled (against the total attack damage). If it fails, you lose the ability to stop fighting, and will not willingly leave survivors. 


Damage with melee and unarmed attacks are increased by 20%

Action Point costs for melee and unarmed attacks are increased by 1.


Shortens withdrawal to 2 days, negates relapse side effects.

Double chance of Addiction.

Clean Living

50% less chance of chem Addiction

effects last on 50% as long

Fast Shot

[Action Point] costs for firearms and thrown weapons attacks are decreased by 1

Cannot make targeted attacks with firearms and thrown weapons

Feral Kid

Throwing range = Strength x 4 in place of Strength x 3, and you move 20% faster on the world map

Can take one fewer companion than normal


+10% chance on criticals

-30% on Damage


5 extra points on stats

-10% on all skills
-5 skill points each level

NCR Background

Find NCR caches and get extra background info


Good Natured

+10 on MedicPersuasion and Science

-4 on Combat Sequence

Increased Metabolism

+2 Healing Rate

Radiation Resistance and Poison Resistance start at 0%

Kamikaze +4 to Combat Sequence -10 on Evasion
Night Person +10% to all skill checks at night -10% to all skill checks in daytime
One Hander +1 to hit with one-handed weapons in primary hand. -1 to hit with two-handed weapons and weapons in your off-hand.
One In a Million When you score a critical hit, the percentage is rolled again at 5 times the base chance. If it's successful, the strike is bumbed up by 30 points. When you roll a critical fail, the percentage is rolled again at 5 times the base chance. If it's successful, the strike is bumbed up by 30 points.
Red Scare +3 Perception for the purposes of detecting hidden items, traps, and enemies. -1 penalty to hit.
Skilled Additional Tag skill -2 skill points each level
Built to Destroy All attacks have their Critical Hit Range increased by 1. (Most attacks will Critically Hit on a roll of 9-10 now.) When a weapon takes any durability damage, the damage total is increased by +4.
Fast Shot Guns and energy weapons you fire are quicker, AP costs for your guns and energy weapons are 1 point lower (minimum of 1) Guns and energy weapons you fire are at a -2 to hit.
Four Eyes + 2 Perception when wearing glasses. Bonus does not apply when determining Perk requirements. - 1 Perception permanent reduction. Penalty will still apply when determining Perk requirements.
Heavy Handed Punches and kicks (including weapons like brass knuckles or Power Fists) deal an additional 1d4 damage. Melee and unarmed attacks have their Critical Hit damage halved (rounded down).
Kamikaze +2 Action Points. All damage taken is increased by 2.
Loose Cannon Throwing Weapons cost 1 Action Point less to throw. Thrown weapons have -5 feet to their range.
Small Frame +1 Agility and +5 to Movement Speed for every movement point spent. Fragile limbs! All your limbs have half their normal Hit Points.
Trigger Discipline Penalties from guns and energy weapons you fire on Burst Fire or Automatic are reduced by -2 (default is -4) Guns and energy weapons you fire take an additional +1 Action Points to fire.
Wild Wasteland You see the strangest things…  
Claustrophobia + 1 to SPECIAL attributes while outdoors. - 1 to SPECIAL attributes while indoors.
Early Bird + 1 to all SPECIAL attributes from 6am to 12pm. - 1 to SPECIAL attributes from 6pm to 6am.
Hoarder Strength is treated as 2 points higher for Carry Weight limits. (+50 lbs.) - 1 to all SPECIAL attributes while current Carry Weight is below 140 lbs.
Hot Blooded + 1d6 damage when below 50% health. - 2 to Perception and Agility while below 50% health.
Logan's Loophole Chems last twice as long and immunity to Addiction for all Chems. Locks the level cap at 30.
Skilled Gain +5 points to every skill. When leveling up, you gain 1 less Character Point to spend.


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