General Perks

Call of the Wild (4 points)
Requirements: 3 Charisma, Level 2+
You gain the ability to become a fairy-tale princess! When you encounter animals (not including Deathclaws or other similarly blood-thirsty critters) that are below your current level, you can spend your entire turn (meaning you MUST have full Action Points) and when complete, the target animal will be temporarily pacified and will cease attacking. The animal will still defend itself, and remaining in any area it may consider a hunting ground, home, or nest may incite it to begin attacking again after several minutes, if nothing else is done to placate or interact with the creature.

Child of Atom (6 points) (2 ranks)
Requirements: 4 Endurance
Not really! But you do get a handy +3 Rad Protection!

Couch Potato (4 points)
Requirements: 6 Intelligence
You understood that reference! Act as if all Knowledge skills are available when called to roll. (By default, NO Knowledge skill can be used and no bonuses other than SPECIAL score bonuses can be applied without at least 1 Rank in the skill.)

Eyes in the Back of your Head (10 points)
Requirements: 9 Perception
You can never be flanked! When attacked in melee from the side or behind, your attackers NEVER gain bonuses to damage or to hit! Sneak attacks still work on you if you don't detect them first, but you also suffer no penalties to Perception checks when the scoundrels are behind you!

Fast Healer (8 points)
Requirements: 7 Endurance
When you Rest, you now restore 1d6 Hit Points instead of 1. Any time a healing item, such as a Stimpak, is used on you, you regain an additional 1d6 Hit Points as well!

Fleet Feet (5 points) (3 ranks)
Requirements: 6 Agility
Keep a-runnin', partner! Gain an additional +5 feet you can travel, any time you take a Move Action.

Freak! (3 points) (5 ranks)
WIP – Roll on the table below and gain a random, positive Minor Mutation! Each time this Perk is purchased, you may roll again. If you already have the Mutation, roll again.

Friends Everywhere (4 points)
Requirements: 5 Charisma
Any time you encounter a new place for the first time, there's a 75% chance that you already know someone helpful and friendly to you! The settlement/town/society cannot be aggressive towards you, but they don't have to like you, either.

Hard to Kill (11 points) (2 ranks)
Immediately gain an extra 3 points to distribute between your Saves as you see fit!

Hax (5 points) (3 Ranks)

  1. Gain the ability to hack terminals and basic computers that you find. (By default, no device can be hacked without this Perk.)
  2. You can now hack security terminals, as well as control turrets and remotely controlled robots, such as Protectrons.
  3. You can hack any electronic device or robot that has an interface, as long as you are not in combat.

Scavenger (3 points) (2 ranks)
Gather more things along the way! Permanent +2 to all SP found.

Strong Back (2 Points)
Count any items being carried on slings or in pockets or bags as being 10% lighter when calculating item weight.


Combat Perks

Bat Bushido (11 Points) (Requires "Big Leagues" Perk)
When taking a Defensive Action while wielding a baseball bat, you can attempt a Melee attack roll against an opponent's Small Arms attack roll total directed at you. If it succeeds, you manage to deflect it's projectile! Non-metal baseball bats take 50% of the damage dealt from the attack as damage applied to the bat itself. (Bolts from crossbows and bullets below .50 caliber.)

Big Leagues (5 Points) (3 Ranks)
While using a two-handed melee weapon, gain the following benefits:
Rank 1: When making a Power Attack, assume the first damage die rolled is at it's maximum.
Rank 2: Deal an additional point of damage for each damage die rolled for two-handed melee attacks.
Rank 2: Use your FULL Strength score instead of half when applying melee weapon damage with a two-handed weapon.

Brass Minder (7 points)
POLICE YOUR BRASS, PRIVATE! Once per session, you may refill ammo (to the maximum capacity) of any Small Gun you are currently using in combat.

Fencer (7 points)
Gain +5 ft. reach with weapons above 30 inches in length (you still only threaten the squares adjacent to you.)

Iron Fists (6 Points)
Your Punch attacks now deal 1d6 damage! (Default is 1d3 damage)

Lucky Shot (7 Points)
Luck points spent improving a Ranged Attack roll are doubled!

Power Armor Training (10 Points)
You now know enough about Power Armor models that you can use suits you find that have a power source.

Spray and Pray! (6 points)
Make 15 ft. line burst-fire attacks with an automatic weapon (using 15 bullets) at a -3 penalty to Attack, and +2 Damage dice. Targets may make Reflex saves to Cover.


Crafting Perks

Armorer (3 Points) (3 Ranks)
Create and modify armor. Rank 1 allows Modding of armor as well as installing Parts.

Blacksmith (4 Points) (3 Ranks)
Create and modify melee weapons. Rank 1 allows Modding and Parts for melee weapons, as well as being required for other Crafts involving metal-working. (Such as Gunsmith)

Cooker (2 points) (3 Ranks)
Gain ability to craft Chems level 1/2/3.

Gunsmith (4 Points) (3 Ranks)
Gain ability to craft and modify firearms of varying types. Rank 1 allows Modding and Parts to be installed, as well as the creation of bullets.

Lab Rat (4 points) (3 Ranks)
Gain ability to craft Meds such as Stimpaks.


Discipline Perks

The Perks found in this category grant access to specialized use, higher efficiency in, as well as new abilities, all for use through Combat Skills or other combat actions. 

They do NOT immediately grant their listed Skill Talents. They only determine what else is needed in order to gain it (besides the Discipline Perk itself in order to make it available in the first place.)

Brawling (Default Skill Discipline)
Dirty fighting and moves you learned from T.V. and comic books. It's not flashy, but an experienced street fighter is no less deadly than a trained soldier.

Champion Rock Tosser (_ points)
But not just rocks! You'll be able to bounce grenades of walls, throw a knife through metal armor, or put a curve on a lobbed weapon's trajectory. Champion Rock Tossers specialize in Thrown Weapons and Explosives you can throw.

Gun-Fu (_ points)
This Discipline places the majority of it's focus on simultaneously using two Small Guns (specifically handguns-only) plus high-mobility abilities and Defensive Actions to perform a great deal of melee and ranged attacks cheaply and frequently… even during opponent's turns. What it lacks in attack range and high damage it makes up for by allowing far more attacks and movement than normal. 

Thrown Weapons (Default Skill Discipline)
Throwing a stick is simple enough, but who's to say you can't still throw a perfect spiral when you play football? Learn to throw harder and further, but you probably won't learn any real special techniques without proper training in another Discipline Perk.


Feature Perks

Feature Perks add significantly powerful or useful abilities. It should be noted that they work a little differently. They'll often require some sort of resource to use or have limited uses over a set period of time. 

Additionally, Feature Perks require far more Character Points than normal! There is typically a one-time cost to acquire the perk "as-is", and they'll grant little-to-nothing out of the box. After it is purchased, they can be expanded by spending more CP on upgrades and benefits that apply to the "original perk" itself. Also, the upgrades and boosts that are available inside of these Features unlock as you gain levels. This mean that while you can buy Gamma Boy/Girl at level 1, you won't be able to use or purchase the vast majority of it's potential abilities until future levels, even if you have the points to afford it!

You have a friend till the end! This can be a life-long animal companion waiting at home, a travel-ready pack Brahmin, or a childhood sweetheart who follows you on your journey.

[[Gamma Boy or Girl]]
Absorb Rads and spit them back out as abilities! 

Lets Get Tactical!
You're a brilliant tactician, and can give bonuses to yourself and/or allies by choosing a Tactic option during combat. When you choose one, it's locked in for several rounds, making those affected more efficient when participants make use of the situational bonuses.

World of Tomorrow
Create grenades, gadgets, and gizmos out of your Scrap Points on the spot, and use them on your friends and foes alike!


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