Firearms:  Dmg Crit Range Cal.
Pipe Pistol 1d6 B 20/x2 20 .22
[[.32 Snub Nose]] 2d4 B 19-20/x3 30 .32
Pipe Rifle 2d4 B 20/x3 40 .22

Hunting Rifle

2d6 B 19-20/x3 60 .308
Sawed-off 3d4 B 20/x3 10' cone Shell
Pipe Shotgun 3d4 B 20/x3 15' cone Shell
Hunting Shotgun 4d6 B 20/x3 20' cone Shell
Knife 1d6 P 20/x3 - -
Molotov Cocktail 1d8 F 20/x2 10' zone -
Bat 1d10 19-20 x2  - -


Weapon Modding

Weapon modding can be performed at any crafting station with the weapon in question, ranks in the Tinker skill, and Scrap Points. Modding simply increases statistics of the weapon in question (so there are no "special" or notable changes to the item; it simply gets better). Installing Properties ("parts", such as a scope or suppressor) takes the same amount of time, but often are stand-alone changes that apply under certain conditions (such as a scope only helping you aim when you take the time to use it and not "hip-firing").

  • Most mods take 1 hour to complete.
Name Cost Effect
Sling/Holster 1

Weapon weight is negated when worn.

  • (Maximum of 2 weapons can be worn on a sling at once.)


Light Leathers 2 2 2 0 1
Rough Leathers 3 2 3 0 2
Sheet-Metal Armor 4 4 2 0 3

P-DR: Physical damage reduction. Protects against non-ballistic weapons.
B-DR: Ballistic damage reduction. Protects against firearms.
E-DR: Energy damage reduction. Protects against lasers.
G-PR: Gamma Protection. This number is added to all Gamma Resistance checks.
AC: Armor Class.

Chems & Consumables

Cost: 20 Caps
Craft: 4 Ranks + "Lab Rat" Perk + 1d4 Scrap
Desc: Cures 2d10 HP. Costs 1 AP to use.

First Aid Kit
Cost: 8 Caps
Craft: 2 Ranks + 1d4 Scrap
Desc: Cures 1d6 HP. Costs 4 AP to use. Most commonly used by wastelanders without access to medical knowledge or supplies to create Stimpaks.




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