Combat and Action Points

Actions & Action Points ("AP")

At the beginning of a character's turn (usually only in combat), their current total for maximum Action Points (5 + 1/2 Agility, round DOWN) is tallied and given to the character to spend as they wish. To perform any action, you must first have, as well as spend, a required amount of your current AP. You can find the cost of most actions below, but keep in mind that many items and abilities can increase, decrease, add, or even remove AP costs, so be sure to double check that nothing is modifying the amount needed.

Attacking & Reloading

  • To perform an attack, first look at the weapon/attack being performed to determine how many hands are required to use it properly.

    • One-handed weapons (handguns, knives, machetes, most thrown weapons, etc.) will always cost 2 AP, unless otherwise noted.
    • Two-handed weapons (bats, rifles, heavy guns, super-sledges, etc.) generally cost 4 AP unless it's stats say otherwise.
    • When dual-wielding (a gun in one hand, knife in the other, for example), your off-handed weapon (usually your left hand) suffers a -2 penalty on attack rolls if your character lacks the "Ambidexterity" Trait, but otherwise experiences few other drawbacks. Reloading weapons in either hand takes twice as many Action Points, due to both hands being full.
    • When reloading a weapon, the item itself will specify how many Action Points are required, but generally: handguns require 2 AP, rifles/bows/crossbows cost 3 AP, while heavy weapons such as rocket launchers or belt-fed firearms require 4+ AP.


Defensive Action Points ("DAP")

  • During an actor's turn, there is always an option to kind of "bank" <u>up to</u> 2 Action Points as "Defensive Action Points". Some Perks and Traits can increase this number.
  • When attacked by a foe, each DAP currently held can be used to perform any action that costs 2 AP or less. For example, holding 1 DAP would allow any single action that costs 2 Action Points or less.
  • In order to perform a "Defensive Action", the character must first pass a Reflex save who's total must exceed their opponent's attack roll against them.
  • If successful, the character performs the Defensive Action. This could mean several things, and the actions are listed below. Softening a blow, counter-attacking, or evading an attack entirely are some of the options available.
  • If the Reflex save fails, the attack continues as normal, and all current DAP held is immediately lost (regardless of how much DAP remains from the Defensive Action's cost).


Combat and Action Points

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