"Mutant" is an umbrella term used by most denizens to describe any creature that has forcefully or unnaturally evolved due to radiation. In the sense of playable, Survivor selectable races, a Mutant is a former human that has become something more, or at least notably different, than human.

Many of these Mutants have developed psychic powers of the mind, or the ability to channel and control radiation drawn from the environment. This, in addition to the unchanging fact that all Mutants are somewhere between horrifyingly hideous or at least beyond ugly, has lead to a broad degree of mutual distrust and bordering hatred in human societies and mutated people.


Racial Modifiers:

  • Roll one (1) Bonus Die for Endurance, and select an additional Attribute to also gain one. Mutants are often highly durable due to their survival of normally lethal mutations, and tend to excel in at least one other area as well.
  • Roll one (1) Penalty Die for Appearance.
  • Mutants can have up to eight (8) simultaneous Mutations. Whenever a new Positive Mutation (Minor or Major) would be gained, it can instead be used to remove a Minor Negative Mutation. This cancels the new and old mutations alike.


Character Point Options:

T (0 CP)



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