At the end of the 20th century, and in the 300 years since, humans have often used mechanical and electrically driven machines and robots to accomplish a variety of tasks. To keep up with the needs of the new world, Androids were created to serve in any situation that requires a human presence, but not necessarily a human mind.

Androids are always humanoid; they have arms, legs, a torso, and head and could be mistaken in low-lighting as another person. Any properly illuminated area easily reveals their truer features: metal-plated "skin", camera aperture eyes that adjust and whir to focus, simplified though exaggerated facial expressions. Androids do maintain free will in most cases, though there are rare cases of some still being "slaved" to their owner's commands.


Racial Modifiers:

  • Roll one (1) Bonus Die for Finesse, Endurance, and Perception. Androids enjoy a precision of movement, are immune to the effects of exhaustion, and computerized sensors are often more accurate than human sight alone.
  • Without the proper Hard Points, an Android's Ego and Appearance are locked at 1.
  • The maximum amount of Action Points for Androids is 2 points lower than the default. They may not ever exceed a maximum of 6 Action Points without special assistance (such as through items or Features).
  • Androids do not need to eat or drink, though they can. Some Hard Points can grant benefits to doing one or the other, though it's still never required.
  • <u>Androids do not Rest or recover Hit Points through standard methods. See below.</u>


Android Hard Points

How Hard Points Work: "Hard Points" are a specialized unit of measurement reserved only for Android Survivors. Similar to the Character Options of Human and Mutant races, Hard Points are finite and reserved for the character creation process alone and cannot be spent or changed afterwards through normal methods at this time. All Androids begin with the Hard Point listed below, but several may be removed, upgraded, or changed out with any available option. By default, 10 points are given to spend on Hard Points. More can be "refunded" by revoking or changing the Hard Points listed under the "Default Hard Points" listed below.

Also worth noting is that one (1) of each category of Hard Point options (Battery, Dermal, etc.) MUST be selected before the Survivor can finish character creation properly. All parts are required, after all!


Default Hard Points

<u>Standard Battery</u> (1 Hard Point)
A standard battery provides 72 hours of power to an Android. While Androids may not need to sleep or rest, they must still recharge their primary on-board battery to continue functioning. Unlike the other 2 races, Androids suffer no penalties from not sleeping each 24 hours. However, after 72 hours without at least 6 hours of recharging (a simple mechanical generator similar to an alternator is built into Androids for this reason, and can be activated at will) an Android will completely shut down and will not respond to any stimuli for a full 24 hours. If connected to a powerful generator or if left in sunlight, the recharge time is shortened to 16 hours. Choosing to spend 12 or more hours to recharge also allows time to spend on bodily maintenance, and restores 1d4 Hit Points (similar to an 8 hour rest for Humans and Mutants).

Note on Batteries & Power: By default, all batteries used in Android construction are connected to small solar panels that assist in off-setting power usage and provide emergency power when needed. 


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