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  • (APOC) Humans

    Humans are the most numerous members of the Mid-western Wastes and enjoy a mild variety of skills and ability.

    • +1 to two separate Attributes.
    • +3 Skill points every odd level (including …

  • (APOC) Ghouls

    Ghouls are long lived, generally intelligent or wise (sometimes both), and are nearly always shunned from civilization. Ugly but often polite to those who treat them with respect, ghouls often congregate with one another.

    • -2 Charisma, …

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  • Synth (3rd Generation)

    "Generation 3 synths represent the pinnacle of synth technology: they are completely indistinguishable from a human down to the cellular level, but are still able to be "programmed" and manipulated via voice commands." …

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